What Is The Rockland County Pride Center?

Many communities are home to organizations that promote justice and proper treatment of all persons. One such entity is the Rockland County Pride Center. Janine Getler joined the Board of Directors for the Rockland County Pride Center in 2017, and remains in the position today.

The Rockland County Pride Center is a non-profit agency that serves the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or LGBTQ persons of the municipality situated roughly 20 miles from New York City.

The Pride Center’s Mission
The organization’s mission is to champion LGBTQ caused and encourage tolerance and challenge stereotypes that might threaten the personal, social and professional opportunities of persons in this community.

The history of the Pride Center dates back to 2016 when the entity became its own separate agency. Previously, the Center’s activities were coordinated by an organization known as VCS Gay Pride Rockland, which was an offshoot of the larger social justice agency VCS, Inc.

The Center’s Activities
The Pride Center sponsors and organizes numerous activities designed to promote and celebrate those represented in the LGBTQ communities. Specific activities include:

Family Services
The Pride Center features a community room where families can gather, socialize and feel comfortable utilizing as a friendly and inviting destination. Center organizers are soon hoping to expand family activities into major social gatherings such as movie and game nights.

Senior Services
The Center provides special interactions for persons aged 50 and older. Not only do agency organizers promote LGBTQ persons meeting and establishing new friendships and connections but offers such persons the opportunity to learn about programs and services for those reaching their senior years.

Support Groups
The Pride Center offers numerous support groups designed to provide LGBTQ persons with an outlet to meet people in similar situations and openly discuss their feelings in a peaceful and safe environment.

Special Events
In addition to offering the aforementioned services, the Pride Center also sponsors and organizers several special events. Noteworthy events include the Pride Ball, Pride Sunday and an Art Sale, from which proceeds go towards Center-sponsored programs and services.

About The Author
Janine Getler is a real estate attorney and the Principal of Getler, Gomes & Sutton PC, a real estate and construction law firm in New York. She brings over 25 years of professional experience working in law, and is known as a leader in the industry. Follow Janine Getler on Crunchbase to learn more!


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